RT Day 14 - Disney Animal Kingdom & Epcot

Had breakfast at the Golden Corral Buffet on the way to Disney from the hotel. Golden Corral has a good selection of food and a pretty big crowd who all seemed to want to wolf down as much food as quickly as possible before they go to the theme parks.

I have decided to drive rather than take the hotel shuttle bus to Disney World Animal Kingdom Park. I am surprised at the military precision of the people directing traffic in the parking lot. I saw somebody park in an incorrect spot and there was no way that the transgression would be tolerated. Parking is $12 a day, but you can leave and return or go to any other Disney parking lot.

It was raining as I ran to the parking lot shuttle tram. Went into Animal Kingdom, got a FastPass with a time about 1.5 hours later for the Kilimanjaro Safaris, and then walked through the drizzle on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. About halfway along the trail, it began raining cats and dogs. It was mayhem. People on electric scooters were running into pedestrians. Children were screaming, and anyplace with cover became packed with uncomfortable sweaty crowds and parents trying to grab children crawling around on other people's feet.

Expedition Everest had some type of malfunction and the safety team was rescuing riders from one of the steep areas. Expedition Everest seemed like it was closed for a couple of hours, but there was no problem when I road it later. It is Monday and I can't believe how crowded it is - I spoke with a cast member, and they assured me it really was not crowded at all.

Went on the Wildlife Express Train, saw one poor pathetic elephant over 100 yards away behind an ugly building with an ugly purple metal fence (I think that the bad weather is affecting my mood). By about 4 o'clock I am ready to leave and am not even willing to stand in a long line to have my photo taken with Goofy or Pluto.

I drove to the Epcot parking lot. It started to rain again (after a very brief break). Went to Spaceship Earth, then walked around the World Showcase (spending more time at some countries and none at others). The Epcot Fireworks at 9pm were spectacular!

Back to the hotel about 10 pm.