How to Make a Pineapple Boat

. A Pineapple Boat makes a festive bowl for fruit or rice dishes. It is especially appropriate as a bowl for Pineapple Rice. Here is the step by step procedure for creating a Pineapple Boat (a.k.a., Pineapple Bowl): 1. Assembly your pineapple and tools. 2. Trim the ends off of any unattractive leaves. You can trim the leaves with rounded or pointed tips. 3. Using a stiff blade sharp knife, cut an approximately one inch slice from the pineapple. For this type of presentation bowl do not cut through the crown. To make two serving sized bowls, you may want to cut the pineapple in half (through the crown). 4. Set the small piece aside for possible use as a lid. 5. Trim around the edge of the flesh, being careful not to puncture the skin. A grapefruit knife may be useful for this. 6. Carefully cut a line down the center of the pineapple. You want to cut as close to the skin as possible without puncturing it. It is not really a problem if you don't get close enough to the skin because you can scrape any excess out at a later point. Of course you will want to save the pineapple flesh for other uses. 7. Cut wedges from the center line to the cut at the edge. It probably goes without saying by this point not to cut through the skin. Repeat the process until the pineapple is hollow. Clean up any rough spots with a scoop or scraper. 8. Wrap the completed Pineapple Boat in aluminum foil and keep in the refrigerator for up to one day. Now, you can use your Pineapple Boat to make this delicious Thai Pineapple Rice recipe!