Road Trip Day 15 - Last Day at Disney's Magic Kingdom

I arrived at the Disney Transportation and Ticket Center parking lot at about 8:45am. It seemed that the rain had caused some type of problem with the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom and there was a huge queue. A cast member told me that it would be faster to take the ferry.

I went through the security check at Magic Kingdom. I have not mentioned it before, but they search all backpacks and bags ~for things which threaten safety~ at the entrance to all of the Disney parks.

The first thing that I did when I got to Main Street was find a vendor selling Disney rain ponchos. I had decided that these $8 ponchos looked effective, stylish, and allowed more air circulation than the raincoat that I had been using. By about an hour later it was definitely providing more ventilation because a one foot rip had originated at the neck. I had to hold it together with my hand to keep the rain out. Fortunately, later in the day I was able to exchange it for a new poncho.

Some of the highlights (and mostly not very high):
I hid from the rain for about an hour in a seasonal restaurant, The Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station, which was closed. While I was there, I talked to a Disney photographer who seemed to be a bit of an amateur meteorologist and said that it was very uncommon for it to rain all day long like it had been doing. He said it normally rains hard for an hour or two then gets nice.

I bought a magnet on Main Street because I knew that my spirit had been broken, and I would probably be blowing off my last couple of days at The Most Magical Place on Earth.

When I returned to my hotel room, the door was ajar. Maybe this was because it was the only day that I forgot to leave a tip for housekeeping, or maybe it was related to plumbing work that day (there was an announcement about the water being off for several hours). Nothing was missing from the room, but I was wet, hungry, and fed-up with rain and crowds.