Road Trip Day 6 - Graceland and Mississippi

Had the free breakfast at the Hotel (a couple of mini-donuts and a cup of coffee). Checked out and drove to Tennessee across the Mississippi River, arriving at Graceland at 9:20 am. Parking is $10, but at least it seems somewhat secure.

It is Sunday, so the tours don't start until 10, but the ticket office is open and has a small queue. There are 3 different tour options, I opt for the middle one which is probably the most popular. My ticket is $33 ($27.90 with AAA discount). I am given a ticket for the 10:20 tour, and walk around looking at other exhibits (some are not open yet).

Each visitor receives an Audio Tour Device as they join the queue for the buses which take us across Elvis Presley Boulevard to the mansion. Before getting on the bus, everybody has their photo taken in front of a Graceland backdrop - you can buy the photos in a package when you return for $25 (yeah, right).

The audio tour format is quite good, it allows you to move at your own pace. I am not sure if 'mansion' is really the correct word. I think it is really more of a big gaudy house, with a nice facade and some interesting out buildings. Also, it is a big piece of property and is landscaped nicely. Many of the exhibits are quite good. I added quite a bit to my previously very limited pool of Elvis knowledge. If you are nearby, Graceland is probably a "Must See" even if you are not a huge Elvis fan (it will make you more of a fan).

With my car still in the Graceland parking lot, I went next door to Chinese Buffet. I thought that eating a lot of steamed rice might be good therapy after my food poisoning. The buffet was about $10 (Sunday lunch is evidently more expensive than other days).

Crossed into Mississippi, and followed a 'Tourist Information' sign on the freeway on a wild goose chase. I guess they only want tourists on weekdays.

Found the very nice state run Welcome Center (with free soft drinks and friendly staff) a few miles later.

On the recommendation of others, I took part of the 'Natchez Trail Parkway' south through Mississippi. It was quite secluded and had no traffic, I saw some wildlife (coyote, turkey, armadillo, deer, and rabbits). I think I would have preferred taking a wider, faster road (but some people people love Natchez Trace). I was quite happy to get to Natchez, Mississippi and find a hotel about 7:30 pm as darkness was closing in.