Road Trip Packing

My Road Trip Packing Advice: Of course, it is much more challenging packing for multiple people in a small car. I was not constrained by space, so I probably did bring more than I really needed.

Road Trip Packing Lists: Special Topic - Hardware for a Road Trip:

  • With pervasive Wi-Fi access in hotels, a netbook is a perfect traveling companion. I love my Samsung NC10.
  • Make sure that your batteries and memory cards are charged (if applicable) and in your camera.
  • Make sure that you are bringing the correct chargers and cables for your mobile phone, digital camera, computer, GPS, MP3 player, and other personal digital appliances.
  • Make sure you have enough capacity for the photos you might take (extra memory cards or the ability to download to another device).
  • It is good to take a 6 foot multi-socket extension cord, since many hotels have their sockets in inconvenient places.
  • Though you will normally be able to access a wireless network, it is good to have an Ethernet cable, because some hotel rooms also have RJ-45 jacks which provide a better connection.
  • A Kensington Security Cable is useful for locking your computer in the trunk of the car or to an immovable object in a hotel room.
  • It is handy to put most of your hardware together in a small pack. I am using a North Face Butt Pack for this purpose. This always comes into the hotel room (for charging, etc.).