Road Trip Preparation - Last Minute Items

Several Days Prior to Leaving:
  • Use up or give away perishable food
  • Plan for plant watering and yard care
  • Make sure a friend or relative has a key to the house
  • Notify bank and credit card company(s) and let them know I will be traveling in North America for about a month
  • Put a Hold on mail
  • Remove unneeded items from car (e.g., home remote controls)
  • Remove unneeded cards from wallet
  • Remove unneeded keys from key ring
  • Secure valuables
  • Disable interior release for car trunk (for better security)
  • Update answering machine message (to send email)
  • Organize maps and tour books
  • Create GPS Favorites for some of my initial destinations
  • Set timer for lights, yes, I like to do this the day before to see if it works as expected
The Day of Departure:
  • Turn-off heater/air conditioner
  • Unplug chargers and unneeded electronics
  • Turn water heater to pilot or vacation setting
  • Turn off washing machine, sink, and toilet supply hoses (especially if plastic)
  • Make sure that everything that was packed has been loaded in the car
  • Double check that I have auto registration, insurance information, important phone numbers, reservation confirmation numbers, and possibly passport with me
  • Double check that all small appliances and heater or air conditioner are off, and all doors and windows are locked