Road Trip Day 23 - Genoa Wonder View Tower, Colorado

It was raining when I checked out of my hotel in Salina, Kansas, at about 10am. Headed west on I-70. Unless you like silos and flat land there does not seem to be much to see in Western Kansas or Eastern Colorado.

Took a brief nap in a rest area near Colby, Kansas, and passed into Colorado about 3:15pm.

About 78 miles west of the Colorado-Kansas border is an amazing attraction which I was unaware of until researching for my trip. The Wonder View Tower, in Genoa, Colorado, was built as a roadhouse and tourist attraction in 1926 and was the tallest building between California and the Mississippi River at that time.

According to the Denver Post, the current owners, Jerry and Esther Chubbuck have owned the tower for more than 40 years. Jerry Chubbuck seems to be part Archaeologist, historian, satirist, and entertainer.

The one dollar admission to the tower and museum was my best entertainment value during my trip. The museum contains more than 20,000 Indian artifacts, many of them arrowheads found by Chubbuck himself. Jerry will be more than happy to tell you about his famous discovery of a 8,000 year old 'Bison Kill Site'. Jerry offers to refund the admission fee if you can correctly guess the identity of ten of his special museum pieces while playing a game called 'Guess What' (which he seems to enjoy as much as you do).

The Tower itself has 87 steps, in some places is quite narrow, and is probably not appropriate for people with claustrophobia or acrophobia. The postcards claim that the ability to see six states was "proved by Ripley". The states are Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Amazing treasures are in each of the 20 rooms! Many of the items are for sale (especially antique bottles, rocks, dinosaur bones, and meat grinders). If you can't find it here, you don't need it (maybe I got that backwards). The oddities, such as two headed calf, and eight legged pig embryo must be popular with children.

Also known as the Genoa Tower to people in the area, the Genoa Wonder View Tower and Museum are located on the north side of I-70 on the frontage road at the west end of Genoa. March to September: 8am - 8 pm (Call to confirm). Other months by appointment. Call 719-763-2309

The Wonder View Tower in Genoa, Colorado is definitely worth a visit!

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