Louisville Sluggers and Shoe Trees

I felt a lot better after sleeping and taking some flu medicine (but was very disappointed that I forgot to bring herbal flu tea). A different woman was in the hotel office, she was friendly and helpful.

Drove to Louisville, and went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. I am not really a baseball fan (I don't really understand the difference between a goal and a touchback), but it is a fun place. The guy running the batting cage convinced me to give it a try and even took my photo (I only sort of hit one ball out of ten with the machine on the slowest setting).

Passed into Indiana, and let my GPS guide me to a famous Shoe Tree near Milltown, Indiana. It was quite a bit further off the highway than I expected, and it was quite secluded (again, I had visions of Paris Hilton in House of Wax).

Actually Shoetree McFelea Lane seemed like more of a Shoe Tree forest than a single Shoe Tree. There was one predominant Shoe Tree, but several minor ones up and down the road. I contributed a pair of green rubber boots to the primary Shoe Tree. I was well prepared, having drilled a hole in each boot and lashed them together with a strong shoe string. It only took me 3 tries to lodge them in their new home.

I still was feeling some flu-like aches, so I went to the Aihua Oriental Market in Evansville to get some Chrysanthemum Tea, Young Coconut Water, and Ginseng. Then I checked into a Holiday Inn Express.